Bioca Godello

Bioca Godello 100% Godello Valdeorras, Galicia.
Located on the slopes of the streams and Bioca Olivedo on the left bank of the river Sil, on fertile soils and well drained.
These features coupled with the microclimate of the area, make them ideal for growing Mencía and Godello varieties that are the basis of our wines.
In the Bodega, Celestino follows a classic white wine vilification, performing a very gentle press, using a specially customised pneumatic press that minimises oxidation by filling directly the fermentation tank instead of through an open draw. Followed by a lengthy (over 4 weeks) cold fermentation at 12C which helps to increase significantly the volatile acidity to approx 0.5-0.6 g/l compared with the norm at DO of around 0.2g/l. Filtration is kept to a minimum. Followed by clarification and cold stabilisation to remove impurities.
Tasting notes:
Appearance: Lemon yellow.
Nose: Fragrant and minerality, this has a fresh, vibrant and youthful approach, with stone fruits, green apples, citrus zest and some almond notes on the nose.
Palate: good balance between smoothness and acidity. Refreshing and strong citrus flavours.  A lingering taste. Has the weight of stone fruit balanced by lime zest and a saline edge.
Pairing:  Goat’s cheese, Cod, BBQ Sardines.