Tricó 2016, Albariño.
Tricó is the Gallego word for a child who is born well after his or her brothers and sisters. José Antonio López named this wine after his last son, who arrived as a “blessing” well after José Antonio and his wife thought they were through having children. José Antonio is one of the winemakers who are leading a quality revolution in the Rias Baixas. Many winemakers have been content to make fresh, zippy Albariños that can easily ride the grape’s wave of popularity without being particularlty compelling. With Tricó, José Antonio is out to prove that Albariño in the Rias Baixas is capable of achieving the same mineral-inflected greatness as Austrian Riesling or Loire Chenin. This wine is a true show-stopper, and the package is sharp as a tack. It features an explanation (in Spanish) of the name Tricó as well as a drawing of José Antonio’s village, as rendered by his mother in 1938.
The wine remains at least a year in stainless steel tanks and another year in the bottle before hitting the market.  This gives it great complexity and roundness without losing its characteristics of acidity and freshness as well as highlighting its minerality.
Tasting notes:
Appearance: beautiful golden yellow with green iridescence  which is clean, bright and intense.
Nose: The initial aromas include fresh green apples and citrus notes accompanying stone fruits like ripe peach and apricot, as well as tropical pineapple and passion fruit. Delicate floral, herbaceous and balsamic notes complete a crisp and extensive aromatic experience.
Palate:  is flavorful and lush, with a nice acidity and finish.
Pairing:  any kind of food, but ideal with Japanese food, cheeses and fish.